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GeoSearch provides customers with fast, accurate, constructive information to help assess and manage environmental risk.

To that end, we harvest information from a variety of sources, cross-reference that information, and then compile and deliver it in an easy-to-understand, manageable report.

We’re pleased to say we’re growing quickly, and here’s why:

First, we employ experienced geographic research specialists and arm them with leading-edge hardware, software, and mapping technology tools. More than providing just facts, we take the time to correct critical mapping inaccuracies before passing information on-site locations, area boundaries, orphan sites, and more to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reduced client exposure.

And second, we make our people accessible, an increasingly unique way of doing business and decidedly beneficial should you ever have a special request, want to inquire about the status of an order, or need a quick answer to an important question.

In other words, GeoSearch is the culmination of high tech and high touch. Minus, we think you’ll find, the high price.