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The quality of our service makes us outstanding. The quality of our people makes us extraordinary.

Since GeoSearch was formed in 1997, we’ve completed more than 1 million environmental investigations. Our specialists have decades of experience in demanding disciplines including environmental assessment, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping, oil and gas research, regulatory affairs, database design and management, and data acquisition and quality control.

We’ve presided over several multi-state projects, from locating and mapping more than 2,500 oil and gas wells to providing historical information for 3,000 sites. We’ve completed an environmental database report for a 600-mile Environmental Assessment corridor study in Minnesota, and we assisted with the Texas High-Speed Rail Project that evaluated over 450 miles of corridor. We’ve worked with counties, chambers of commerce, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and financial institutions to private corporations.

Our clients include environmental professionals, lenders, corporations, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and real-estate professionals.

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