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Embedded Files

To view the embedded files within the PDF after opening the report, click the paper clip located on the bottom left hand side if using Adobe or Nitro. Also, you can view the attachments by using the menu option under “View” then “Navigation Panels”. The documents will appear at the bottom of the page. If using PDF Exchange, go to “View”, then to “Attachments” or “Panels” and the attachments will appear at the bottom of the page.

  • Unmappable Sites — A listing of databases (also known as orphans) where the site locations cannot be determined, but may or may not be in the subject property area.
  •  Zip Report — A listing of all database locations within a zip code and or the county. This list includes both located and unlocated databases.
  •  Txt file — The text file is a database list of the located finding within the report. This file can be converted into a spreadsheet or uploaded into your report.