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Why do I need historical aerial photos?

Historical aerial photographs provide a bird’s eye view of a property and surrounding sites and are an important tool to document land use over time. GeoSearch provides nationwide historical aerial photo coverage from private and public aerial photography resources. These historical aerial photos showcase things such as:

  • What structures formerly existed on the land and surrounding areas
  • Previous roads and equipment
  • Past conditions of vegetation and other features
  • Environmental cleanup efforts

In some instances—commonly with rural sites—historical aerial photos may serve as the only documented source available. Historical aerial photos are invaluable in any environmental site assessment.

How does GeoSearch gain access to historical aerial photos?

We have compiled our archive from a combination of public and private aerial photography resources, and we are constantly adding to it.

What do I get with a GeoSearch Aerial Photos package?

This package includes digitally reproduced photos from each decade, typically beginning with the 1930s or 1940s through the present. For your convenience, we also offer customizable options delivered electronically and digitally including:

  • Flight Data
  • Scaling Options
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Customizable Photo Scales
  • Photos for Large or Irregularly Shaped Sites (Optional)
  • Georeferenced Aerials (Optional)
  • Target Property Displayed on Aerials

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