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We offer two levels of packages: the Geo and the Rec packages (example, GeoClassic or RecClassic, GeoVantage or RecVantage, etc.). In the Geo Packages, the Radius Report is included. In the Rec Packages, the RecSearch Report is included.

The Classic is the most cost-effective package, it includes a Radius Report, topographic map, and historical aerial photographs.

The Rural package is ideal for where information is limited. This package includes an environmental database report (Radius or RecSearch Report), historical aerial photographs, and historical topographic maps.

The Pak package provides cost savings, plus two historical products. The package includes a Radius Report, a fire insurance map abstract (FIM) and your choice of historical aerial photographs or city directory abstract.

Pak Plus
The Pak Plus includes Radius Report, fire insurance map abstract (FIM), historical aerial photographs, and city directory abstract.

Preferred (with or without FIM)
Choose the Preferred when you need a comprehensive package of historical documents to accompany your radius report. The GeoPreferred Package gives you additional value by providing a historical topographic map, city directory, fire insurance map abstract (with or without), historical aerial photographs and physical setting information.

Get the Vantage package when you are looking for the most comprehensive information available under the AAI/ASTM standards. This package gives you all the value of our GeoPreferred Package plus the GeoSearch Environmental Lien Search Report, which includes a search of available land title records for environmental liens and activity and use limitations (AULs).