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GeoSearch offers many advanced technology tools that provide efficient workflow solutions
and help to identify billable time-savings. Let our team analyze your needs and help to
discover time-saving ways to work with your environmental information!

GeoSearch and its Partner Quire can assist with the following:

+ Online Collaborative Report Writing Applications
+ Mobile Field Applications
+ API Programming- Connect your internal project system with ours
+ Custom Figure Templates
+ Georeferenced Imagery
+ GIS Data Shapefiles

Work smart with Quire’s integrated Mobile Field App to access GeoSearch Data
Access GeoSearch data findings, view maps, capture
photos, make field notes, complete checklists,
upload to the writing application and more!

Benefits of Using Quire:

  • Integrated with GeoSearch Data
    Access GeoSearch data findings within the mobile app and writing platforms
  • Photo Galleries/ Appendicies
    Compile, organize, and customize your photos and supplemental information
  • Value
    Save time and add consistency to your report process. Subscription options available
  • Create/ Manage Report Template
    Simple online tools to easily rebuild your current templates
  • Mobile Field Application
    View GeoSearch data findings, type or speak field notes, take pictures with captions, checklists, and more
  • Create Report GIS Figures
    With the mapping / drawing tools, create GIS figures with ease.
  • Language Libraries
    Add consistency and save time by making your own language library.
  • Global Fields
    Report tags for repeated information. If you make a change it will carry through the entire report
  • Secure Cloud Access
    Access your reports anytime and anywhere with storage in the cloud


See how GeoSearch integrates into the Quire report writing platform