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Reduce the hassle and expense with GeoSearch Agency File Research.

With the increased emphasis on agency file reviews in ASTM E1527-13, we can deliver the critical information contained in state and federal agency records in your review. Our highly qualified research specialist will conduct Open Records Requests to provide you with the pertinent files you need. You’ll also avoid the redundant and unnecessary documentation you would receive from a copy center.

Our research specialists are trained to recognize and understand the reports, permits, and correspondence submitted by environmental consultants and/or facility owners in response to permitting, registration, or corrective-action program guidelines. Our specialists receive highly specialized training that allows them to retrieve only the files you need and to identify and react when critical required documentation is missing from the files.

Information contained in the agency files can be pertinent to making REC determinations. You can rest assured that your documentation research is being performed by someone who understands your needs and knows the file system as well or better than agency personnel themselves.

Why pay for thousands of pages of documents when you only need the most recent monitoring reports and correspondence, or risk missing potentially critical information by sending a temp service to review and copy the documents you think you need?


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