What is Quire?

Quire is a full-featured, cloud-based application for technical report writing. Quire’s collaborative properties enable multiple Users to work on the same report concurrently. GeoSearch is integrated with the Quire platform. GeoSearch can be accessed directly within a Quire Report, and GeoSearch’s data will automatically push to the Report Sections that you identify. This allows users to stay connected and relay information. Quire assists users by providing a collaborative set of tools that are used to save time, reduce errors, and create dependable outputs.

What types of Reports can be written in Quire?

Any type! Quire is an upgrade to Microsoft Word. Word was never intended to be used to draft technical reports. Quire’s intuitive platform streamlines the report writing process, automatically generates your company styling to your specifications and can be used to improve any report that is presently being developed in Word. Quire Clients presently develop over 200 Types of Reports using the Quire platform. Examples of reports written in Quire are:

  • Phase I ESAs
  • Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)
  • Transaction Screens
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Construction Loan Monitoring Reports AND MORE!

What is Quire’s pricing model?

As a SaaS or Software-as-a-Service product, Quire does not require a download or installation of any software. Quire is accessed from your web browser. This ensures that you are always using the current version of Quire, with the most updated Features, just by logging on. Your monthly Quire subscription fee allows Users to access Quire and develop unlimited Templates and generate unlimited Reports for the same monthly fee.

Quire’s Toolbox:

  • +WordBank
    With WordBank, you can assign snippets of approved text to a report section and provide individualized guidance for how the language is added. Then, with one click, insert pre-approved and consistent verbiage into your reports.
  • +Report Tags
    Report Tags are placeholders for repeated, salient data. This powerful tool enables Users to assign pertinent information throughout the report from one location, which will then populate the appropriate areas throughout the report. Report Tags ensure consistency and are great for QA/QC. If a change is needed, you can make it from one location, and it will update throughout the report.
  • +Template Creation
    Quire is the only report writing platform that allows for direct upload from Microsoft Word. You can also easily construct your Template – either on your own or with Quire assistance – to quickly begin taking advantage of Quire’s productivity tools. Then create as many reports as you want! Templates can even be quickly cloned to meet other needs.
  • +SmartTables
    A powerful Table Tool blending both Word and Excel functionality, SmartTables can be formatted to display dropdowns, date boxes, checkboxes, WordBank, and rich text. Or you can easily upload an Excel file into your Quire report.
  • +PCA Toolkit
    There is no better way to write a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) than with Quire. The integrated cost tables and recommendations improve the efficiency of PCA writing and create a seamless writing experience – no more switching between multiple applications to complete your PCA.
  • +Collaborative Workflow
    With Quire’s collaborative capability, unlimited writers and reviewers can concurrently work on the same report. This allows for better teamwork and results in getting reports written and reviewed faster and easier.
  • +Mapping Tools
    Quire’s fully-integrate mapping tool allows Users to quickly frame, draw, and annotate on any of the 9 mapping base layers (e.g., satellite, street map, topos, floodplain, and more). Then, easily copy the details of this image to impose that information on another site map. You can also use this tool to annotate on site photos!
  • +Appendices
    Quire is not just about writing reports, you can compile all of your Appendix documents as well. Simply upload all your supplemental information, photos, maps and diagrams to an Appendix bucket, then drag and drop them in any order you choose. With speedy, bulk file uploads, Quire makes it easy to add as many files as you need, and these Appendices will automatically format to your chosen Style when the deliverable is generated.
  • +One-Click PDF Generation
    Even reports with thousands of pages assemble in seconds with Quire – from the cover letter down to the last Appendix! And don’t worry about unwieldy file size attachments. Quire will automatically generate a clickable link to the PDF that is ready to email, enabling easy download and access to the report.
  • +Custom Company Styles
    No more formatting! Quire will develop your brand and style so all your reports present consistent output to your clients. That means you can just focus on adding content and not worry about formatting. Quire makes deliverable generation simple, consistent, and reliable. How much time will Quire’s auto-formatting save you and your team?

Facts about Quire

  • Quire is a woman-owned business that was founded in 2010.
  • The company has four offices:
    Philadelphia, Boston, Austin, and New York
  • Quire is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Quire is accessible anywhere in the world — all you need is an internet connection

Quire vs. Microsoft Word

Quire crafts solutions that remove the tedium that can exist in technical report writing, instead allowing Users to control their content and providing for easy use and management of content. Quire’s permissions-based, collaborative experience for report authors, reviewers, and administrators is unrivaled. Learn how you can save time and money, while generating better, more consistent reports, by visiting Quire today.
Word users typically need additional applications to assemble reports. Using Word, the report writing process can be complex and tedious.