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GeoSearch environmental database reports allow you to evaluate potential environmental risks to commercial, industrial, and residential properties. The search of environmental records is a critical step in the environmental due diligence process.

We offer two levels of database reports: the Radius Report and the RecSearch Report.
In the Radius Report, all findings are hand-verified and orphan sites are researched. In the RecSearch Report, findings are hand-verified to 1/8-mile.

Both reports exceed ASTM E1527-13 standards and the EPA All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) rule. They’re easily customized to fit your project, they’re easy to read, and they contain current and historical environmental information. You can choose the ASTM E1527 search radius template, create your own template, or customize your report by identifying particular datasets you would like to include in the search.

You can also upgrade to the GeoPlus Physical Setting Report to receive the following information:

  • FEMA map
  • Wetlands (NWI) map
  • Oil and gas wells map
  • Soil data and map
  • Water well report
  • Geologic map

GeoSearch now includes agency file records, for certain states, from both our in-house collection as well as online information.  There is no need to submit a FOIA request when the information could be available at your fingertips.  The additional information is a complimentary enhancement to the GeoSearch Radius and RecSearch Reports.

Easy to see, detailed, information about environmental issues on both the target and nearby properties.

  • Detailed information
  • Identify environmental conditions
  • Retrieve environmental records associated with a property

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