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The GeoSearch MSD Report is the most trusted source in the industry for complying with the well-owner notification requirement of the MSD application.

GeoSearch sets the standard for Municipal Setting Designations (MSD) application research. Our MSD-specific water-well reports are researched meticulously. We ensure records duplicated across multiple databases are identified and associated with the same parcel—eliminating unnecessary well-owner notifications and keeping mailing costs down.

The well-owner spreadsheet provided with each report is clear and concise, with each record identified by a Map ID that correlates to the map and report details. The spreadsheet also includes other useful information such as a unique well ID, well type, well address and current owner address, as well as utility contact information (for retail and municipal public utilities). The spreadsheet is easily customizable and ready for the mail-merge process.

The GeoSearch MSD Report includes:

  • 5-Mile Water-Well Report
  • Half-Mile Water-Well Report
  • Retail and Municipal Public Utility Well Report
  • Municipal Boundaries Indicated on All Maps Within the Reports
  • Copies of Driller Logs, When Available
  • Mail-Merge Spreadsheet Identifying All Current Owners of Water Wells

GeoSearch has extensive MSD expertise and offers guidance if you need additional insight.

MSDs Promote Redevelopment of Contaminated Properties



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