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The GeoSearch NEPA Check Report identifies the receptors critical to your analysis, saving you valuable man-hours and keeping you within budget. It covers everything from wildlife refuges and critical habitats to communications towers, floodplains, wetlands, and federal, state, and local historic resources.

When your project requires compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the GeoSearch NEPA Check Report is an invaluable first step in your impact analysis.

The GeoSearch NEPA Check Report includes:

  • Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, and State and Federal Parks
  • National Natural Landmarks and Wild and Scenic Rivers
  • Special Status Species*
  • Critical Habitat and Managed Areas*
  • State Historic Sites (SHPO)
  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)
  • FCC and FAA Sites (Communications Towers)
  • FEMA Maps
  • Wetlands (NWI) Map
  • Coastal Zone Management Areas
  • Sensitive Receptors
  • GIS Files (Optional)

*Threatened or endangered species data not available in all states

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