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The GeoSearch Water Well Report identifies potential receptors near your target property.

Compiled from a combination of federal, state and local agency resources, the GeoSearch Water Well Report can be easily customized to fit your project. You can choose the standard half-mile search radius, create your own template to restrict the search to your target property, or expand it to one mile or more.

With monitoring wells and soil borings selected, our Water Well Report is a great pre-proposal tool for identifying subsurface soils and depth to water near your site. It can help you create more accurate site-investigation proposals and be better prepared for drilling activities.

The GeoSearch Water Well Report includes:

  • Reports Based on Point, Area, or Corridor Searches
  • Reports for Irregularly Shaped Sites
  • Wells Plotted on a Topographic Map
  • Driller Logs, if Available
  • GIS Files (Optional)

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