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GeoLens is an easy-to-use online mapping tool to help assess and manage environmental information. Our newest program, GeoLens, provides you the ability to layer information and filter data to help you work faster.

GeoLens features include:

  • Compatible with Area or Linear Searches
  • Overlay Points of Interest, related data, and images over current street layers
  • Move between Street, Satellite, Terrain maps, or Street View to analyze subject property or related data
  • Transition through Historical Aerial imagery
  • Filter Data by Distance, Database, and Elevation
  • Flag Records During Review
  • Calculate distance between two points or area using the Measurement Tool
  • Download Georeferenced Historical Aerials & Topographic Maps
  • & more to come!


GeoLens screenshot

Get access to GeoLens with any of the following GeoSearch products:

Experience the most effective and efficient, interactive mapping tool to date with GeoSearch. GeoLens grants you a faster, software-free, time-saving solution to assessing and managing environmental information.