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The GeoSearch City Directory Abstract Report provides the information you need to determine historical use or occupancy for a property and its surroundings. Each GeoSearch City Directory Abstract Report is individually researched by one of our Research Specialists, who will identify address range and street-name changes that commonly lead to the unnecessary data gaps present in competitive reports.

City directories have been published for many U.S. cities and towns since the early 1800s. In addition to listing residents and businesses alphabetically by name, many publishing companies also present information in a “reverse phone directory” format in which occupants are organized based on the street on which they are located. City directories are an invaluable resource for identifying old service stations, dry cleaners, industrial facilities, and other former land uses that may not appear in regulatory databases or other historical sources.

Each GeoSearch City Directory Abstract Report includes:

  • Nationwide coverage from our highly trained and experienced research specialist at archive facilities across the country
  • Detailed reports presenting information in approximately five-year intervals and available in Excel, Word and PDF formats
  • The option to have your data presented numerically by year, as it appears in the city directory, or by address with historical listings for each address presented in one location for quick and easy reference

This report is available in the following packages:

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