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Slides for the presentation “What’s Next for ASTM E1527 & AAI?“
By: Julie Kilgore, President, Wasatch Environmental, Inc.; Chair of the ASTM E1527 Task Group; Chair of the ASTM E50 Committee on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management, & Corrective Action.
Download a copy of slide presentation on What’s Next for ASTM E1527 (PDF)


Vapor Encroachment & Vapor Intrusion: Evolving Requirements (July 2013)
By: John Sallman, P.G., Assistant Director of Environmental Services, Olathe, KS.
Download a copy of slide presentation on Vapor Encroachment (PDF)

Vapor Intrusion: TheNew Hot Topic (June 2012)
By: John Sallman, P.G., Principal, Terracon Office Manager, Fort Worth, TX
As the economy slowly makes its upward trends, many new real estate transactions are getting hampered by indoor air vapor intrusion. If you are like most real estate investors or developers, you have one of two reactions: What in the world is that? Or you roll your eyes in disgust that you have to deal with this issue yet again. Over the last two years during the economic downturn, very few lenders were lending money on new deals. Most were spending time evaluating foreclosures and the environmental risks that came with poor underwriting and/or inadequate due diligence. Read More… (PDF)

Distressing Assets (November 2010)
This article will focus on the complicating issues that arise for lenders when property held as collateral is, or is suspected of being, impacted by environmental concerns. Impacts may occur in various ways: spills or releases of contaminants through business operations (such as underground storage tanks or dry cleaning plants); the presence of contamination from historic operations at a site; migration of contaminants onto the site from offsite sources; or hazardous substances incorporated in building materials (such as asbestos) or components (such asPCBs). Read More… (PDF)

Wind Power Webinar Follow Up Q&A (November 2010)
Questions were asked after the webinar by participants and answered by Melinda Taylor, the ExecutiveDirector of the University of Texas School of Law’s Center for Global Energy. See Q&A (PDF)

New Generation of Topo Maps (January 2010)
“US Topo” is the next generation of topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey. Digital US Topo maps are designed to look, feel, and perform like traditional paper topographic maps for which the USGS is so well known. Read More… (PDF)

MSD Promotes Redevelopment of Contaminated Properties
— Q&A after the MSDwebinar of Scott Settemeyer of the TCEQ MSD Program (September 2009). Read Q&A (PDF)
— Interview with Mike Frew with the TCEQ. See Interview (PDF)
— Interview with Richard Chapin with the City of Houston MSD Program (August 2009). See Interview (PDF)